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Solar Energy

SDSU ME Senior Projects: Small Carbon Particle Generator

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FALL 2008 - SPRING 2009

reaction chamber 2.tif

The need for more efficient ways to produce energy is a major focus in the 21st century. Through the use of carbon particles, solar flux, and a Brayton cycle; energy can be produced with greater efficiency compared to existing solar thermal or photovoltaic efficiency. This project focuses on the design and creation of a small carbon particle generator. Pyrolysis of methane and extraction of carbon particles will be implemented through the use of a wall less reactor. Inert gas, nitrogen, flows into the outer chamber to be defused through blanketed The first time we heated the tube.JPGinsulation, heating coils and a porous ceramic to react with the methane flowing through the middle of the ceramic tubing. Dr. Miller is the advisor on this project and the final project report can be found in the side menu.