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SDSU ME 499 Projects: Carina Krastel

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Carina Krastel
Undergraduate in Building & Energy Technology
University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Germany

Picture of Carina Krastel

My work in the research laboratory at SDSU is focused on the particle generator. The particle generator is an important part of the future renewable power plant, we are designing. It generates carbon particles out of methane through heat application.

These small particles will be added to the working gas which will enter the power plants’ receiver to increase the heat transfer efficiency.  
My current tasks are the assembly of the particle generator itself which includes plumbing and electrical work and the analysis of the particles by using an instrument called a scatterometer. Through the usage of the scatterometer and a linked computer program we will be able to measure the mean diameter and the size distribution of the particles being generated. This information will be needed for the power plant’s laying-up.

Picture of Carina and Dr. Hunt working on the particle generator