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Solar Energy

SDSU ME Senior Projects: Carbon Particle Disperser

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SPRING 2009 - FALL 2009

The Carbon Particle Disperser Team (from left): Dr. Fletcher Miller, Aron Daria, John Terry.Research is conducted on the viability of using a carbon particle cloud as a working fluid in an open-Brayton cycle solar power plant. The method of generating such a cloud is then researched and a thorough design analysis is performed. This analysis includes several design iterations, a comparison of several systems and their individual components, and mathematical modeling of selected system components (extinction coefficient and complete nozzle analysis). In addition, vendors were contacted for several components to find whether existing components could be purchased or modified to work within this system (cyclone, fluidized bed, hoses and fittings). The result is a complete, simple, and elegant design that is ready for the build and test phase. The carbon particle disperser team has met with the established project timeline and the final system will be completed—and generating uniform, consistent carbon particle clouds—by December 2009.

The Carbon Particle Disperser: Final Design & System Layout