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Solar Energy

SDSU Masters Theses: Mugdha Dokhale

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Mugdha Dokhale
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Candidate)
San Diego State University
Specialization in Thermal Sciences 
2009 - 2011 (expected graduation)
B.S.-Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune, India (2009)

Picture of Mugdha Dokhale

My work deals with the reacting gases and their combustion in order to separate out the minute carbon particles at high temperature and low pressures. I am working on numerical modeling including pyrolysis reaction rate and heat transfer of the gases in order to generate the particle suspension at 5 atm.

This will ensure that combustion takes place away from walls. I am working on Fluent i.e a commercial CFD software for my research. This study will lead to good control of the temperatures and mass flow rate of reacting gases, temperature of chamber walls, and size of carbon particles generated.