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SDSU Masters Theses: Ahmet Murat Mecit

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Ahmet Murat Mecit

Ahmet Murat Mecit
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
San Diego State University

The literature that I have published details the best material options and geometries for designing a window for a 5 MWth high-temperature, small-particle solar receiver. The goal of the project is to maximize solar irradiation inside the receiver through the window while blocking most of the radiation that is created inside the receiver. This depends on the optical properties of the window material, heliostat field, and incident angle of the incoming radiation, which depends on time of day and day of the year.
There are several steps involved in analyzing a window design.  The first step is to simulate incoming solar irradiation. To do this, MIRVAL is used. MIRVAL is a Fortran code developed by Sandia National Laboratories to simulate the radiation heat transfer from the heliostats to the power tower by using Monte Carlo Ray Trace (MCRT) method.  Incoming rays at the power tower are traced until they reach the outer window surface.  For the next step, a fortran code is developed and coupled with MIRVAL to determine the fate of the ray (transmitted, reflected, or absorbed by the window).  Also, this code provides an input for an in-house code that simulates heat transfer inside the receiver. Finally, the codes previously described are used to study re-radiation from the receiver interior to the window. Results and details of my research are attached.


Thesis: Optical Analysis Of A Window For Solar Receivers Using the Monte Carlo Ray Trace Method (Thesis)

SolarPACES: Optical Analysis And Thermal Modeling Of A Window For A Small Particle Solar Receiver

ASME: Optical Analysis Of A Window For Solar Receivers Using the Monte Carlo Ray Trace Method (PDF)

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